Data Protection Regulations for

We are pleased about your visit and hereby present our data protection regulations to you.

Basic information

Data protection regulations are not mandatory at our location. Nevertheless, we disclose below, which data is collected and how we use it. The information complies with most data protection regulations worldwide.

Rights of affected persons

You can request confirmation and information at any time which data about you is being processed. You can request the completion of the data concerning you or the correction of inaccurate data concerning you.

You can request that the data in question be deleted immediately, or alternatively require a restriction of the processing of the data.

You can - if we do not comply with your claims - file a complaint with the regulatory authority responsible for you in your country.

When you visit our website, we collect personal data transmitted by your browser. This includes

The log files are automatically deleted after 7 days.


We use cookies to secure shopping baskets and to temporarily store entries in forms. These are stored after at the latest one hour or when the user closes the browser. You have the option of saving cookies in the to prohibit browsers. However, this can hinder the use of our offers.

Java Scripts / Apps

We use - only if absolutely necessary - JAVA "Scripts" to.....

We do not use executable Java code or APPs.

Data processing by third parties

Data processing by third parties is excluded.

If something is missing here, please contact us. We will immediately add the missing information, as far as this affect any process at all.